The doors are locked inside and I on my long sofa, drafting the content to post. Well, most of the time I am at a disadvantage when I start to write. I get distracted easily and move on to another task. But today, that won’t happen. I have made up my mind and I’m going to post a write up, without any topic. Scorching heat; a person going for a walk for even just a kilometer, is guaranteed to perspire profusely. Thirst is an indispensable element this summer. There is a thirst within everyone, but this kind of thirst only occurs when summer in India.

Television is the big winner now. It is summer and all school exams are over, IPL has already started and the channels went whole lot crazier in displaying their programs. But there are some television channels and they still telecast the usual soaps, well, we will leave that. It is best time to stay inside your home, eat and sleep. But there is a major issue. Power cuts. It’s usual in summer. Well, we are going to handle that too.

After some uneasiness on the sofa, I moved to my plastic Nilkamal chair, which holds me comfortably. Time flows slowly and it is half past four. I open the door to my house door and see the sun rays are still high. Mild breeze blowing along and it is hard to see any trees near my house. Everywhere there are huge buildings, and I can see people roaming in streets. Some stood near a newly constructed building in deep discussion, with a map in their hands. A few ladies are outside their house gates, one holding a child was smiling while feeding  the child. A street vendor, who sells green groceries was on his usual rounds to sell the vegetables.

People were watching the clouds, wondering if they would join together to provide some rain. The clouds, didn’t hear the man’s thoughts, as they remained silent and stubborn, cursing us with heavy sunrays. Our earth is getting older day by day and the water resources are slowly depleting. Yet, there are some people who are at the top position, does the work of damaging and killing our mother earth rather than saving it.

There is a popular saying called ‘Unave Marunthu’ meaning food is the best medicine. But, we eat as many tablets as the amount of food we have. Adulteration and hybrid varieties of food has started to ruin us. Our farmers are the ones who are getting affected by this. Many people die in the villages and few are struggling to make a livelihood. What are we going to do for them?

Yes, it is said that the underground water level is declining. The government is busy in election campaigns and has no time to look after it. They loot the public’s money, they make farmers suffer and they embrace some corporations who would provide them with exorbitant money.

I’m still unable to understand what harm did the farmers do to us? Why are they being tortured attacked and made penniless every time. Few people forget that, without them we can’t even think of having our morning breakfast. As a democratic country everyone has an equal voice to raise against the government in failing to meet the expectations of farmers.

We cut down many trees and named it as urbanization. We are now selling agricultural lands to the governments and term it industrialization. They forget to remember that, without food what will they do with the earned money? Amusing isn’t it?

Genuine people hesitate to come out and speak because they are afraid of the consequences. They observe the situation and comment it within their circle and vanish off. But, in other case, there are malicious people who take advantage of this situation and break barriers to protest. They know exactly what they are doing and inspire many people to join them in giving a tough fight to the opposition. At last, people get carried away by the crowd and many come and visit the protest ground as spectators only.

The shore looks empty and few people were walking on the sands. The Sun slowly sets, as I finish up with my writing. The sounds of the waves crashing on the shore made many a child to stand to dip their feet in the cooling waters. Typically our life is like that. We tend to forget our childish nature and abolish that in the name of grown-up. Yes, I do agree that we are all grownups and we tend to behave maturely. But childish nature within everyone should not die and it should be kept alive. When your childish nature dies within you, then you are no longer immortal.

Grow, reap benefits, and live the life you want. It is a popular saying from the spiritual leaders that Kali Yuga has the shortest life span on human being. So I would rather suggest that forget all our worries, get along with the life you’ve got and more importantly, do not forget the past from where we have come from. It is important not to forget our footsteps, so that somebody in your future may follow them.

I started to write this fiction story with limited or no idea and ended up somehow making justice to my writing. It is like the life of everybody. Let’s do justice to our life and make it worthwhile.

Futile Attempts

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