A midday afternoon, and the traffic was quite tedious to cross through the road. Sunlight poured in heavy rays as sweating became impeccable. Helmet was rather hurting him and added more sweat to the hair. Whole body generated an immense heat and he couldn’t continue his travel any longer.

‘Let’s take the shorter route’ uttered Ram Ganesh and his brother at the pillion nodded.

Accelerating the bike with an arduous effort, he could turn into few streets and crossing few lanes, landed him into the no man land spot. Ram wondered whether he has taken the wrong route to his travel, his brother shrugged him to move forward.

In a long way up the road, there were two trucks facing each other in the opposite direction. The trucks were in the yellowish red color and few people were standing near to it. Ram thought it was standing because there is a repair work going on. He hesitated to go back and geared direct in the road to reach the destination. The bike raced and it went in the middle of the both trucks.

Ram couldn’t see the road forward and he found himself in a hut accompanied by few people around. He was lying in a bed and he turned around. It was a small hut house with few people around. The new place made him frightened to speak. To his right, his brother was disappearing slowly bidding him ‘Good-bye’. He just went in a flash. Ram, amused with the activity following around the new place, made him comfortable to ask for help. He started sobbing as his brother left the place. He wiped his face. Woke up from the bed in a brisk manner. He was in a rage to ask the fellow people what is the thing that is happening around him.

One old man looked him coming towards him.

‘Yes my child, what I can do for you?’

Ram felt relieved, as he found a man who can solve this puzzle.

‘Thanks sir, I don’t know how I came here, and what is this place called? Why I’m here? Could you please explain me?’

The old man smiled by seeing him. He put his arms around him and pointed to all of the people in place.

‘These are dead souls. And you are here because, you are dead’

Ram felt nervous. His anxiety arose to the extreme level as his body was full of sweat. He couldn’t believe that he is died. His lips became dry. His eyes became watery by looking all of them.

‘You mean I have died? Oh! How is that possible? I’m good enough to live with no problems in my physical body!’ said Ram and was anticipating answer from the old man.

The old man again laughed and tapped his shoulders and moved forward.

Ram was confused and he couldn’t believe that he is died. But the words from the old man and the form people around made him to believe that he is died. At that moment, he felt very much for his family and friends. His life and to his dream he has bid a good-bye. He sat in the same bed and sobbed heavily.

That made him to disconnect wholly from earth and he felt very much to his family and friends, that he urged himself to tell them that he hasn’t died. He wiped his tears and made him comfortable. He walked around the house and was amazing to see a doctor sitting and chatting with few people around. He wanted to end an everlasting confusion prevailing in his mind.

‘Hello Doctor, sorry to disturb you. I know I’m dead now! But I need to know the reason why I’m dead! I mean the reason for it’ Ram pleaded the doctor.

He looked him for few minutes and asked him to sit.

‘Let me check’

He examined him with few checks and he confirmed that he has no disease or disability that caused him the death.

‘Thank you sir’ said Ram and left the place with immense confusion.

Ram turned around wiping his eyes from the dream. He turned around and his house was looking like the old hut. His mother was sleeping in another room and he confirmed that he hasn’t died. But he had a confusion and pinched his hands. It was paining. He assured himself that he was alive. He sat in the mat and removed the bedspread which was covering him. The moment, the dream which was so realistic that made him to realize that he has dead, had made him to dare his dreams.

Ram also had dreams and aims in his life, but he was severely beaten up by the external things that made him to sit and low down with minimal inspiration. Now the dream proved him that he isn’t mentally dead and he’s just physically dead. He stood up and washed his face and sat in the chair.

He realized that life is running out in an impeccable speed that would leave him at any point of time. He smiled widely. The deadly dream has taught a life lesson to live the life. He folded his fists and made himself confident.

‘I’m alive and I would make my dream come true’

It’s a lovely life indeed!

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