Arun couldn’t able to believe the words which he heard a few seconds ago. He thought it could be an illusion and just silently sat and enjoyed his cup of tea. He heard that voice once more peeking through his ears like a flowing river neatly on the plains. Arun was surprised. He slowly turned his eyes towards his right.

Hair was flowing heavily along her shoulders; she was sitting in a gestured manner according to her limits and didn’t move a bit. She was staring at him and Arun who just slightly turned towards her sight, had an eye contact with her. She smiled and Arun too in turn smiled at her.

“Hello,” she said and extended her hands for a handshake with him. Arun smiled and went forward to hold her hands in an excitement.

“I’m Arun,” said Arun and she continued “Am Priyanka,”

Arun was relieved and sat more comfortably in the seat. The unwonted behavior from Arun made Priyanka apprehensive. Often in a gap of two minutes they smiled weakly and continued to peep outside the window.

Arun doesn’t want to waste the opportunity to speak to her, broke the silence. He sat more comfortably on the berth and just slightly moved towards her and turned. Arun while starting to speak, she initiated the conversation.

“Yeah, tell me Arun,” she started off leaving Arun in dismay.

“Oh yeah,” Arun started to bewilder a little. “Hmmm…” he started to leave and hit his legs with himself and at last tried to speak few words with her.

“So, what do you do?” asked Arun. He felt confident once he uttered those words.

Priyanka was looking like an ingenuous person with modern attire. Her attitude and her posture explained more about her. He concentrated her eyes and looked at her more cautiously to listen to her words.

“I’m doing my MBA in Anna University. On the way to Mumbai for project works. How about you?” asked the young lady now turning to his side more comfortably.

Arun was really enthusiastic after listening to her words that she was also travelling to Mumbai. He has got one more day left to spend time with her. So he was glad about it.

“Yes, I was working as a HR in a manufacturing concern in Chennai. Now am also on the way to Mumbai for a job interview.”

“Oh that’s great! My best wishes for your interview,” said Priyanka and smiled.

“Thank you so much,” replied Arun and threw the paper cup away from inside the window.

There were total of 6 people and two elders sitting in the side lower. In that 6 people there were a couple who were enjoying from initial stages when they boarded the train. Arun thought how he would be able to enjoy like them once he’s been married. He slightly rested back in the seat and closed his eyes.

Arun felt a slight tap on his lap. He quickly awakened to see to his right whether it was Priyanka who was calling him. But, it was a beggar from the bottom of the seat, who has cleaned all the dusts down, was asking for a penny from Arun. His senses returned back. Casually kept his hand on his jean pockets and pulled a ten rupee note and gave it to him. The beggar saluted him and worshipped him like a god and moved to next set of people.

Priyanka was listening to songs and was peeping through the window. Arun tapped his head with his hands and rested back again. Priyanka noticed this reaction from him and turned.

“What happened?” she asked him purposefully. She knows from the beginning that he’s been looking at her.

“No, nothing,” said Arun and turned aside immediately.

“It’s very good; people generally push the beggars out from their seat. But u gave him 10 rupees. So sweet of you,” said Priyanka with a blushing smile on her face.

The last few words were constantly uttering to him and were knocking his ear doors again and again. He was in dreamland. Even though, he tackled the situation.

“That’s nothing, I’m basically a generous guy,” said Arun and both burst into laughter.

“Nice,” said Priyanka and moved from her place.

Arun’s heart was not with him. He has surely lost it to that silly girl. He was watching her and constantly noticing her reactions in the train. It was not only during that conversation, but also in the casual moments like, drinking tea, having lunch and while having snacks.

It was the time, in the evening while he was just feeling so sleepy, she called him.

“I know, you want to speak to me. Come, will speak near door” said Priyanka and held his hands.


Oh My Gaawd !!! Week – 3

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