Arun turned back in anxiety. He couldn’t believe that she asked his contact number.  He thought for a moment and turned back. She was looking him for a reply. He smiled and began

“It’s 988…” he went along but was interrupted.

“I’m sorry, I think you understood wrongly. I asked your seat number”

Arun was dismayed. From boarding the train till the arrival, he gets the same sarcastic comments from her. He was frustrated.

“Yeah tell me, what about it? It’s 25,”

“Thanks, but I’ve asked you because, there was some left thing in that seat. So just want to check out whether it’s yours” uttered Priyanka and moved slowly in the queue.

“Oh okay, but I think I haven’t left anything over.” Said Arun and immediately turned back.

“So this is not yours?” asked Priyanka and showed him a pair of gloves.

Arun saw that with eyes wide-open. “One minute,” he uttered and started to unzip the bag and kept searching for a pair of gloves in his own. But he couldn’t find it. He smiled weakly.

“Alright, now this is yours!!” said Priyanka and handed over the pair to him.

Arun got the pair of gloves from her after getting out from the train. Even though that gloves belong to him, he wanted to have it as a keepsake in reminds of Priyanka.

“See-you, bye Arun” uttered Priyanka and took her baggage from the platform. Arun smiled and shook hands with her and both of them headed towards their paths.

Both of them started walking towards their places. Arun meanwhile started to walk towards the station exit, got the call from the Cab driver. The cab is been already been booked for him to reach his hotel. He boarded the cab and reached the hotel.

Meanwhile, Priyanka boarded the auto outside the railway station, and called to her cousin who is residing there.

Arun reached the hotel and got ready for the interview. He took a hot shower and wore business formal attire. It made him look like a gentleman. In the meanwhile, he booked the cab for travelling to office from his hotel. As everything is reimbursable, he had absolutely no problem in doing that.

Cab driver called him from the basement parking of the hotel and Arun reached the cab in minutes, locking the room.

Arun boarded the cab and they were on the way to his office. He was watching the wonderful city of Mumbai through the glass window of the cab. He really liked to live in Mumbai, as he loved the people and the culture there. Arun is fortunate enough to make it to the elite companies. His intellectual ability and his technological brilliance made him to be there.

The cab entered the 25 storey building in the long main road. Arun came out and boarded the lift to the 15th floor after getting the security pass by showing the ID details of the interview.

Arun was seated inside the conference room looking around the bay. He made ready with the relevant documents which would be required for the interview process. The conference room was entirely covered by glass around and as a circle if he rotates in the chair, he would be able to see the busy traffic around the roads of Mumbai. He gets out from his seat and stands along the glass corridor, watching the busy traffic.

While he was watching the city from standing alongside the glass window, his mind wandered to the train travel from Chennai to Mumbai. His encounter with Porter, Priyanka and others were flashing through.

He rests himself alongside the wall and was floated in thoughts until he heard a sound in the door. He was deep in his emotions and couldn’t able to listen to the knock on the door.

A man dressed with a bright white color formal shirt, and a black pant entered inside.

“Excuse me, Arun. I’m sorry for disturbing you,” uttered the man standing next to him. Arun was frowned, and turned back. “Hi,” he uttered and smiled awkwardly.

“It’s alright Arun, come let’s have a seat” said the man and both got seated in the conference room.

“I’m Harsha, Chief HR of Globalsoft Limited” said the man smiling. Both shook hands.

Arun was smiling at him, and didn’t speak. “So Arun how was your travel,” asked Harsha.

Arun took a deep breath and answered, “Well, not so bad. It was okay.”

“Good, let’s start with the procedures” said Harsha. Arun sat straight and decided to listen to him.

Harsha and Arun started to talk about the company, HR policies, package and the office timings. Harsha explained to him everything about the company and the allowances he would be getting. He also explained about the work culture and the type of the work. Arun just heard everything and wasn’t listening to it. He shook his head for everything and didn’t utter a word.

“Are you okay Mr.Arun?” asked Harsha staring him.

Yes, I’m. Travel tiredness. Just need to take some rest. I’ll be alright!” said Arun in straight forward manner to him. Harsha nodded and smiled “Alright,” and started to surf the papers he had in his hands.

“Okay Mr.Arun, you will be appointed a junior resource who would be helping you in all the activities. And as per your request, your work location would be in Chennai.”

Arun was dumbstruck. He wants to live in Mumbai and doesn’t want to return back to Chennai. But fate made a crucial encounter in his life. He wants to say to them that, he wasn’t willing to go back to his hometown. But he couldn’t.

Meanwhile, Harsha had a phone call and answered it.

“A small request,” said Arun. Harsha while bending forward to look to his request heard a knock in the door. “A minute Arun,” said Harsha and got from his seat to the door.

The glass door opened and Arun turned back to see who was that. To his amazement, Priyanka and Harsha were jointly entering inside. Arun felt he was victorious.  What a transition! Arun was flying in air.

Priyanka saw him and was taken aback. She didn’t realize that her fate would play with this guy.

Harsha came forward and introduced them. Both smiled weakly and took their seats.

“Arun, you was about to say something right? What’s that?” asked Harsha.

“When is my return ticket to Chennai?”

Oh My Gaawd !!! Week – 5

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