Sitting on the floor thinking about life, when all the decisions has already been wasted, and no other option has left to proceed with the journey called life, I look straight on the street and there is already a man peeing opposite my house. Nobody dares to ask him a question of what the hell he was doing there. A gigantic electric transformer was standing still and he doesn’t even care about the consequences when a single drop of urine was spilled there. He had that confidence of urinating without any problems of getting offended. He also doesn’t care about the people walking on the street seeing this disgrace. All he wanted was to make that place dirty and get down from his urinating urgency. I was watching this and thought how people are so lethargic and cool with doing their work when they aren’t thinking of what that would mean to others. But those are the people who live freely and doesn’t care about anything. 

Slow breeze started to wave around the place and i thought to vacate the place to my house terrace. Dusts and small leaves from the coconut tree were all on the stairs. 

‘Where are you going?’ a sound from downstairs.  I turned back to see my mother having a broomstick on her hand getting ready for cleaning the stairs.

‘Going to terrace mom,’ i said and thought for a second, ‘anyway you are not going to sweep the terrace right?’

‘Right now am not going to sweep the terrace, but once you are finished with the work on terrace, i will come,’

‘Okay,’ i uttered and entered the terrace.

Mild waves started to flow with cool breeze. I saw the coconut leaves waving each other on the blush of air and the environment was lively filled with fresh air. I liked that environment when your heart is free and mind relaxes itself. 

Walking for sometime, i peeped the streets sitting on the wall. There was a high sound from the mosque nearby the local market and the bustling sounds of motor vehicle never seemed to end. I got up from there and slowly walked around the terrace. My mind was wandering, and i couldn’t control it. I saw the opposite house and a maid from that house was filling water  on her bucket from the tap on the backside of their house. I slightly bend down to hear a child crying from the house beside ours. As the windows were closed, i couldn’t really sense the reason for that. So i continued my walk on the terrace to look around the huge horizon. Blue skies are slowly fading away and the sun slowly settles down for a sleep. I sat down on a corner of the terrace and brushed my hair. 

Knowing for a reason that all are brought by the almighty here for some reason, i was still waving my head finding one. May be if i had already found one, i was the one who didn’t stick to it for a definite amount of time. Looking at an empty gaze in the sky, i slowly lied down to close my eyes for looking all the flashbacks around me. 

And yet, with all the confusions in mind, I just woke up to see that i’m still in bed and the scorching rays of sun made me to wake up. For few minutes i couldn’t guess what was happening and i saw my mother crossing me to the balcony for drying up the washed dresses.

‘Mom, what’s the time?’

‘It’s already nine, wake up soon, how much time you would sleep?’

I smiled and slowly removed the bedsheets around me. Well, what was the reason i had a bizarre dream about me, on the terrace. 

‘Hmmm, let’s find out!’ 

Saying the unnamed

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