Alright, after a long time, while I sit on my laptop to craft a blog post, it is difficult to search for a theme and write about it. So let be it. I don’t have a topic today to discuss about. But, yes, there will be something I will be talking here about. It would be about my night travel from my office to home, or something I that I wonder it would better not happen than to make it happen. Okay, enough of crap! I understand it is being very bad to not tell anything than a crap of work. It would be very boring for you to read as well. Let me try to make some justice here!

While we commute to work or any other place for example, we tend to cross roads, signals and many turnabouts. On those areas, we would see many beggars or some small children selling something for their living. How many of us considered them and bought one? Okay, let’s leave the beggar part for now, as we have justification that they are begging from us, and we also turn them by saying we don’t have anything. Yes, it is common among us and we have to accept that. Even though we have some money, may be it will be some use of them, we don’t give them. It is sad yet reality of most people. We just turn them by saying ‘no change’, yet, it is us whom we have to change. When nobody is willing to offer anything which we least can, it is us who have to bring the change.

On the other hand, we have some people, may be they are street selling kids, whom we also refuse buying it from. Why it is that so? May be the product will be defective? Or it is the ugly appearance of them? No! It is not either. We are actually fooled by the things that amaze us in the glass windows and multi-complexes. We are awestruck by their design and the product they arrange in order for getting picked. I’m not telling anything against the big shops that offers products are defective. But, we are actually avoiding something, which we should have look into than the others. When small children sells something, it can be for their day to day living. We shouldn’t underestimate them and the lifestyle of those people. They get some money out of that, and it will be used for their bread and butter.

At the end of the day, it is all about being contented and happy. Products may differ, people may differ, and places may differ, always chose something when there is no substitute to another. Buying a pen from the roadside small girl on signal shall be fulfilling to you, than the one bought at a big shop. Here, I said there is no substitute to another, because, the joy and satisfaction that small girl gets from you is no equal to the shopkeeper getting your money on the big shop, buying the same pen.

You don’t have to be smart in order to be fulfilling to others! Sometimes common sense speaks a lot!

I think I have made some justice here! And well, I will do so in the coming days!

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