So the title for today’s blog post is nothing but today’s post. Well, it couldn’t be much more intimate than that. Anyway, to suit a particular title to the post, one has to say about something related to that. I hope I will do the same.

This is the best time to utilize my writing. I thought to myself. Many reasons provoke that. In this pandemic, we all are either sitting simply at home safeguarding ourselves or working at home with extra care. We have to manage the work and household activities if you are a woman. It is tough and it gets more challenging when you have a kid or kids at home. Both your husband is also working and you, on the other hand, is also working. Maybe when grandparents are with you, it would be helpful, but it is a hypothetical question, isn’t it? We need to see how many houses, grandparents are still on their son/daughter’s home.

Safeguarding yourself and around is the first most priority anyone would have in these times. Almost everyone in the world is in fear and medical and healthcare professionals are pushing their maximum ends to save every life. That is true to be appreciated. More than that, their personal life is been minimized, as most of the time, they spend their time in hospitals curing patients. On the other hand, roads, streets and nearly every corner area of the locality are on mute. You can either hear birds chirping or some of the dogs barking. You sit on the sofa, or you can stand on your balcony to view the scenes happening on the roadside. If you are privileged, you are blessed with good power supply, internet connections and essentials are always available. Yet, our minds languish on the ones we have lost. Like, having a chit chat on the roadside or going out. It is in our mind that we always pine for something, which isn’t ours and create an imaginary world inside us to make it work. Crazy, our human minds.

We are nearing a weekend, but well, now weekends have lost their credibility. We had numerous options for a movie, get together, or some may even join classes and many more. But now, as you can see, there is a whole lot of a thing that can be done at home, on your desk. Have we thought about that before? Only a tough situation or a time teaches us, what we are capable of. It pushes you to limits that you wouldn’t have thought that you would be doing. Still, if you can observe around, the local stores are pushing their hard to move out stocks for the essential needs. And at the end of the day, you can see that these are the essentials that are needed for us to survive and it costs much cheaper than we thought it was. Lifestyles has been changed, and our outlook towards our life is also much changed. Don’t know about others, but mine, yes drastically.

Mothers are the first gods of our society. You can see them working all along. Either it is a working day or a weekend or in these times of lockdown, you can see them busy more on household activities. As in these times, when all of them are at home, that adds more work to her. Her rest time is reduced and she goes round the clock for serving your needs. On the other hand, your father sits idle and tuning channels on television. He even comes forward to help your mother, because he is not able to do anything. Men are not prone to sit inside with idleness. It kills them, but this also applies to some ladies but not all. Exceptions are always there.

You, seeing all this don’t know what to do, stare at a wall. If you have work, you are busy doing that. You can also expose yourself to all bullshit social media content. Web series became the next big thing in this period as many of them enrolled online to watch the trending series out there and guile about it. One big lesson that has been learned is that it’s these basic things you are made up of and you can still live with this. Practically, think about it and change your spending habits to a minimum. Furthermore, think about your passion, don’t deter that anymore, as this is the best time to pursue it. Life is short.

Today’s Post

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